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Grant Catalyst
Scientific Grant Writing Expertise - What You Need, When You Need It.

Grant Catalyst Gives Your Organization the Grant Application Capability it Needs - Immediately.

Grant Catalyst addresses the needs of small, medium, and large businesses to prepare high-quality SBIR/STTR, NIH, and NSF grant applications rapidly, and without the need to learn the complicated grant writing/submission process themselves or hire new employees to provide this capability.  Having been founded by a scientist and entrepreneur who has written and submitted multiple grant applications, Grant Catalyst knows that grant applications are typically prepared under extremely tight time constraints.  Working with Grant Catalyst as your grant writing consultant, you can be assured that your grant application will be written in a professional and compelling manner, and will be submitted on time.  

Grant Catalyst has expertise in all aspects of SBIR, STTR, NIH, and NSF grant application writing and submission, and can work on projects in the fields of biotechnology, life sciences, and medical devices.  Significantly, we are experienced at finding grant funding opportunities for which medium and large companies are eligible (i.e. grants other than SBIR/STTR).  Work on your project can usually begin within 1 business day, and Grant Catalyst will do what it takes to complete your application on time and with excellent quality.

Advantages of Grant Money for Your Small Business:

In today's difficult economic climate, fundraising for small businesses can be a challenging task.  Under pressure from their limited partners to lower risk, VC firms have virtually forsaken seed-stage companies, and left founders to fend for themselves.  Now more then ever before, financing your company with government grants is an attractive option having a number of advantages over traditional financing strategies.  For example, many government grant programs have historically good funding rates (approx. 20% for NIH SBIR Phase 1 awards).  Also, government grant awards represent non-dilutive funding which allows you to retain greater control of your company.

Given these timely advantages, early-stage companies need access to the capability to rapidly write, assemble, and submit government grant applications.

The Complicated Process of Submitting a Government Grant Application:

Most small businesses lack in-house grant application writing expertise.  The process is complicated, and includes the steps listed below:

1.   Register your organization on multiple government websites.

2.   Locate a relevant and timely funding opportunity.

3.   Initiate a dialog with the granting agency to verify their funding goals/requirements.

4.   Articulate a compelling Research Plan.
     a.  broad goals
     b.  commercial and societal impact
     c.  specific aims with quantifiable milestones
     d.  experimental detail with expected outcomes

5.  Document the existence of a well-qualified research team.

6.  Document access to adequate facilities.

7.  Line-up consultants and contractors as needed.

8.  Construct a realistic budget within guidelines.

9.  Electronically assemble and submit the grant application package.

Grant Catalyst
has consulting expertise with all these steps of the grant writing and submission process, and will use this expertise to help your company achieve its grant fundraising goals.

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